Postgresql 9.4 streaming replication slots

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Streaming replication slots are a new facility introduced in PostgreSQL 9.4. They are a persistent record of the state of a replica that is kept on the master server even when the replica is offline and disconnected. They aren’t used for physical replication by default, so you’ll only be dealing with them if you enable their use.

Streaming Replication Slots in PostgreSQL 9.4 The bellow Nine steps will give the configuration steps for Streaming Replication Slot with cascading in PPAS-9.5 Let’s go with hands on. Postgresql 9.4 Setup Replication with Slots - YouTube Replication slots allow standbys to provide information to the primary or upstream cascading standby as to the point they've reached in the write-ahead log. This information is available to the ... PostgreSQL 9.4 streaming replication over SSL with ...

Postgres 9.5 feature highlight - Replication slot control

pg_streaming_replication Puppet Module | Fat Dragon class { 'pg_streaming_replication': id_rsa_source => 'puppet://files/my_postgres_ssh_​id_rsa', id_rsa_pub_source => 'puppet://files/my_postgres_ssh_​', nodes => ['', ''], replication_password => 'BDE4CE17-98E5 … Using PostgreSQL Logical Replication to Maintain an Always Up

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repmgr=# Select * FROM pg_stat_replication; -[ Record 1 ]-- pid | 19111 usesysid | 16384 usename | repmgr application_name | node2 client_addr | client_hostname | client_port | 50378 backend_start | 2017-08-28 15:14:19.851581 … PostgreSQL Replication - Second Edition | Packt Books Leverage the power of PostgreSQL replication to make your databases more robust, secure, scalable, and fast PostgreSQL: Documentation: 10: pg_receivewal 14th February 2019: PostgreSQL 11.2, 10.7, 9.6.12, 9.5.16, and 9.4.21 Released!

This blog discusses logical replication in PostgreSQL: its use cases, general information on the status of this technology, and a special use case in particular on how to setup a subscriber (replica) node of the primary server in order to …

PostgreSQL streaming replication with slots works for one slave, but not for another slave. Ask Question 2. Master ( ... Streaming Replication in PostgreSQL. 8. ... PostgreSQL Slave has more files in pg_xlog than /wal_archive. 5. Postgres 9.4, replication slots, doesn't work failover master. 3.